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ismael arcelay, mba

new global economy

preparing leaders to effectively & efficiently target market changes

Headquartered in the Lehigh Valley, I engage creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movers & shakers, globally. With the goal of ensuring an idea’s to final product utilization are visualized. Whether you’re a musician, designer, engineer, or small business owner, your idea will be protected and guided to thrive in an ever changing world. In a systemic global market my background lies in the intersection of the public square. A place where synergies of government, community & organizations, business, and faith merge to create legacies. Together let’s customize your specific needs and concerns and bring them to the forefront of your market.

The public square a place welcoming to everyone and awaits no one. We’ll keep you abreast of modern technology and continue to monitor the evolution of you. Let’s connect to set up a consultation, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire whether our services are right for you.


The Power of You

Business square

Business process management is the newest business methodology, and life is filled with methodologies. Applying and riding the disruptive wave of change can create barriers that prevent forward movement.

faith square

Understanding your influence and power can lead to your fulfillment.

government square

You were created to push and create the change. Understanding becomes the first step of overcoming you being on the outside.

community & organization square

Ensuring everyone is on the bus and sitting in the right seats is the beginning of a journey well traveled.

connecting the dots

Our mission is to connect the squares and ensure that you’re in the drivers seat.

We must all obey the great law of change.
It is the most powerful law of nature.


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