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support for businesses, the urban corridor, and entrepreneurs.

Areas of Expertise


My extensive corporate marketing and sales experience include a range of audiences, no matter the audience they all expect value, commitment and ethical deliverable’s.

I target all industries and provide the processes to ensure they stay the course towards arriving at a destination. As a business consultant and business owner I understand your challenges, reach out and let’s have some coffee as we discuss your potential.


I believe in creating synergies between faith-based organizations, as thriving cities attract new comers.

Many women have been incarcerated, battered and abused, betrayed, abandoned and left with no hope. The goal is to help women mainstream back in to society where they can function as stable Christian women knowing that we care.

community organization

Volunteerism begins in your own backyard, leave your footprint and get involved.


As a professor I’ve been able to see a future of hope and opportunity that exists within our cities. That future includes adults going back to further their education, incarcerated individuals, and young minds moving to another level of education. Because of them our future is bright.


Encourage thinking out of the box.


Comes in all ages.

Urban Corridor

Become part of the solution by mentoring someone that doesn’t look like you.

Young men of color in our cities are able to guide and lead the disruptive change our society is experiencing, they need a mentor.

The purpose of Lehigh Valley My Brother’s Keeper is to ensure that all boys and young men of color (BYMOC) in the Lehigh Valley have equal opportunity to live up to their full potential.


Begins with the foresight to be doing the right things.