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ismael arcelay, mba

what is your “WHY” … what wakes you up daily …


Passion. Experience. Diligence and You. Being able to navigate your ship and arrive at a chartered destination, is awesome. Let’s begin the journey, it begins with you. As a leader, I’ve traveled and engaged the four sectors of the public square. While doing so I’ve witnessed life’s disruptive events upheaving many desires.

As I have successfully navigated and sailed my course, my desire is to share and ensure that I am not alone in arriving. My goal and pledge to you is simple, to align your strength to where your port of destination lies, showing you how to get there efficiently and effectively with the tools you presently have. Whether you’re in business, in government, a faith-based leader or someone completing an education or leading a community, let’s talk. You are what wakes me up daily, people like you. People seeking to arrive at a defined port.


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I operate to empower, so that you can experience the Power of YOU. Let’s discuss you successfully navigating the public square.



change leader

change leader

Director of Business development

Ismael Arcelay, MBA

We become the sum of our life’s journey, in my case I’ve aligned my skills and passions with those who love and want to equip people. I believe in the ring of salvation, where authority, name and access have been given to me. It is HIM who has given me authority to bring those in need closer, and to better know HIM. My name means nothing unless it is included in HIS book. I sit under HIS throne all because HE has given me access.

As such my passion includes you. As a leader I engage all that cross my path in a proactive and inclusive manner. I desire to see all vessels leave their ports and successfully navigate towards new ports that were assigned to them. Together, let’s begin the journey of a life time.



Kutztown University

California Southern University
D.B.A. , (In Progress)

Villanova University
Certified Professional Business Process Management,
(In Progress)

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