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multiplying value to leaders in a Global economy

Ismael Arcelay, MBA

in relentless pursuit of excellence in leadership

While many view the value in the room of the urban corridor as void, for the last twenty years I have been busy shaping those that I see within the window of that room. My life’s journey has led me to inclusively bring along the uninvited and the undervalued, for I believe and am committed to the vision that exists in their eyes.

My interest lies in linking with like minded brokers as we fill the elevator of success and sending it up loaded with candidates that can lead in this age of constant change. I believe in a constructive process in which win-win scenarios equip people of all ages and stages in life to live in their passion and gift zones.

My journey includes a successful career path. Having navigated in the four sector of what I refer to as the “Public Square”; faith, business, government, and community. Having served on an array of boards in these arenas and held public office, I’ve continuously challenged my peers to think beyond the confines of their paradoxes. To see the potential that lies within the footprints of their paths.

I seek stakeholders who value the building of platforms of opportunity and hope for youth along the way and watching changing mindsets has been a rewarding experience for me. Fifteen years ago I began building the first of many platforms in which corporate and healthcare leaders shared the challenges of their journeys with urban youth. I’ve partnered with healthcare and corporate leaders who’ve provided access via summer employment programs, conferences and remediation services for over 600 youth.

This is what wakes me up daily, this is part of my WHY? If your “WHY” is in alignment, let’s talk, I engage creative leaders, entrepreneurs, movers & shakers, globally. With the goal of ensuring idea’s leads to final product utilization right here in Americans urban corridors. That product is the human element within our urban corridor. Join me.


the power of


Business square

Entrepreneurship skills reside within the corridors of our downtown’s. The challenge within our society is to consider focus while trusting the available investments, walking alongside with a mindset of win-win. Seeking those willing to reinvest.

faith square

Many attempt to fulfill and lead the lost, while seeking a look at me mentality. But few are able to walk alongside rebuild lives of others, and proclaim watch them as they change the world. Seeking those who are interested equipping others.

government square

Too many enter and lose themselves in the halls of power. Governance was meant for all, not for some. Seeking leaders that understand the meaning amelioration and speak to the unsaid.

community & organization square

Ensuring everyone is on the bus and sitting in the right seats is the beginning of a journey well traveled for all. Seeking individuals willing to work with those who, “Don’t know that they don’t know”.

connecting the dots

My mission is to simple. Let’s focus on connecting the squares and ensure that everyone has access to the drivers seat.

We must all obey the great law of change.
It is the most powerful law of nature.


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